Welcome to the ValleyofAzure, my site dedicated to anthropomorphic (showing both animal and human characteristics) anime and video game characters. They've been a fascination of mine for quite some time, and lately, there's been rumor that I may get hosted, so I wanted to make a site worthy of hosting.


4/8 - I've added a few things of my own to the fanart section. They're all of my own original character.

4/2 - New artist added to the fanart section. Though his work is non-anthropomorphic, he's a good friend of mine, and his computer graphics are very sugoi. Enjoy! ^_^

3/12 - Remy has donated yet another picture, this time of a cute little foxboy of her own design. Everybody say,"Arigatou Remy!"

3/08 - Remy has donated a kawaii picture of Siryuse from Bakuretsu Hunters Yay! That means we like Remy ^_^

2/28 - K. Kirk has been gracious enough to donate a few pieces of fanart. Go check them out, she's highly talented. I encourage all you other artists to donate also, the more exposure you have the better right? Also, bios of Escaflowne's Merle, and Tenchi Muyo's Ryouko have been added.

2/27 - Fanart section added. I'm counting on everyone to contribute ^_^

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